Cord Pagenstecher
Digital Interview Collections at Freie Universität Berlin. Survivors' Testimonies as Research Data,
in: Data Sharing, Holocaust Documentation and the Digital Humanities. Best Practices, Case Studies, Benefits. Proceedings of the EHRI Workshop in Venice, 29-30 June 2017, ed. by Laura Brazzo, Kepa J. Rodriguez, Umanisticia Digitale, 4, 2019, URL: https://umanisticadigitale.unibo.it/article/view/9043, DOI: 10.6092/issn.2532-8816/9043
> Digitale Interview-Sammlungen an der Freien Universität Berlin


This paper presents the digital interview collections available at Freie Universität Berlin, focusing on the online archive Forced Labor 19391945. Then, it discusses the potentials and challenges of digital curation and analysis of testimony collections within different direction of the Digital Humanities. Finally, it looks at some online learning environments based on these interviews archives.


> https://umanisticadigitale.unibo.it/article/view/9043

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