Cord Pagenstecher
The construction of the Tourist Gaze. How industrial was post-war German tourism?
in: Tissot, Laurent (Hrsg.), Construction d'une industrie touristique au 19e et 20e siècles. Perspectives internationales. Development of a Tourist Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries. International Perspectives, Neuchâtel: Alphil 2003, S. 373-389
> Die Konstruktion des touristischen Blicks. Wie industriell war der bundesdeutsche Tourismus?


This paper tries to combine the study of economic structures and of individual perceptions in tourism: Is the tourist gaze constructed and standardized by a powerful tourist industry? The article studies West German, outbound and domestic, tourism between the 1950s and the 1980s, concentrating on city tourism. It starts discussing the terms 'tourist gaze' and 'tourism industry'. Then it gives some data about package tour operators and about the industry's influence on individual travel behaviour in post-war Germany. Although only a small percentage of tourists booked package tours and advertising played a limited role in tourists' decision-making, the tourist gaze might be more standardized by tourism industry than we think. Taking local tourist brochures of the small city Lüneburg, thus a rather 'un-industrial' part of 'tourism industry', as an example, the paper analyses the increasing professionalism of gaze-construction since the 1970s. These changes in the making of tourist promotion reflected and brought a standardisation of the gaze within tourist business and it increased the power of the gaze, reaching even beyond tourism.



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